October 2016
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Casineros of Venezuela

Venezuela Foundation casineros

It is a non-profit organization with legal personality under the law being a person of private law or NGO. Its purpose is to assist comprehensively the population of infants, adolescents and adults focused on the socio-educational field, with the aim of facilitating their integration into the Familiar solid education system; with a degree of social responsibility.


Composed by a qualified staff, willing to serve with dedication and professionalism for effective compliance with the purposes and institutional purposes, the aim of the Foundation casineros Venezuela is providing any activity related to the training, preparation and development of people through workshops and lectured courses of different techniques and forms of dance or dances, both in its social aspect and the competition; promoting and organizing artistic, recreational and cultural events related to art and dance.

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The Casino (Salsa Casino) is a ballroom dance created by the people in Cuba, where diverse elements provided by his predecessors in an evolutionary, organic process. It emerged as a manifestation would dance anonymous within the urban popular classes; It does not reflect any kind, intergender or specific musical form. It is a dance for individual and collective fun, does not identify any religious myth and their movements have a particular significance. Contemporary dynamic is reflected in the creativity and freedom of their body and spatial movements.

This dance style reflects today, with great strength, the character of the Cuban people. Is a summary of the features that characterize us; It is a compendium of all components of the nation. His popularity and preference in public has been kept for four decades, so part of the cultural heritage.

The Casino (Salsa Casino) is a ballroom dance that emerged in Havana in the late 50s, where as part of a process of evolution and integration together of musical-dance preceding procedures marked by a tradition would dance , dancing couple appeared linked characterized by stimulating creativity from freedom of movement as a form of entertainment.

His dynamism and elegance made soon to spread to the rest of the country, which resulted in the emergence of a series of contributions by the dancers, who were complicating his choreography with a series of performances with which tested the skills of the participants.

The casino is currently the largest ballroom boom and effect, it is a cultural event as such has directly influenced the development, creativity and diversity of the phenomenon of dance music in Cuba. This give and take between popular music and ballroom dancing has been essential to satisfy the taste of Cuban for “dance well” and above all to keep for generations these two elements as the preferred form of recreation and socialize between different layers of the population.

Casino dancing is executed with varying skill for children, youth and adults, and in the most diverse spaces.

This style of dance has played with all those genres, sheds or musical variants that were fashionable and its rhythmic pattern or musical time allowed to run the basic step, which has allowed him through all the years they remain in the taste of the dancers.

However, there are many factors that have influenced the height casino Cuba and abroad, but among the most important dimension that has taken salsa music is internationally. Identified as Cuban Salsa dancing has become the ideal vehicle to enjoy this way of making music, done nothing paradoxical if we consider that both manifestations as Cuban son source element.

Casino wheel

Similarly couples began to interact with each other, exchanging even during the dance, which gave rise to the appearance of the wheels casino calls, formed by two or more partners who will perform choreographic evolutions from the orders issued by guide, which has casino one of the richest of Cuban popular dance choreographic complex.

International Broadcasting
The international boom of salsa experienced from the late 70s, was a determining factor in the spread of casino that has come to conquer thousands of fans in the most diverse corners of the planet, thereby stimulating the increase of schools dedicated teach a dance which, after more than half a century, is still alive thanks to its spontaneity.

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